This one simple strategy allowed us to making over $50,000 per month in passive income, and we're able to add tens of thousands of subscribers to our list each and every week, 664% conversions... and it's instantly deployed within just a few minutes

Our exit technology is producing real high level results, that has never been seen before in this industry.

Special launch pricing coming down in

The screen shots above are the campaigns as a result of promoting digital
products online. When we deployed the Lead Monster Strategy we have been able to
see 20% more sales, and the best part is… it really took just a few clicks to make it

This simple campaign resulted in a 67% conversion!
That's over 200 extra clicks we received as a result of
deploying this simple strategy!

In the screen shot above, you can see exactly how this works. We just promote
products online, and if they start exiting that page, then we present them with another

The All Inclusive Solution that will change the way you conduct business.
It doesn't matter if you are selling Amazon products, pushing affiliate products or working with
local business, we have the solution that will skyrocket your conversions!

Hi There,

If you have pages currently online...


The truth of the matter is that majority of the traffic that hits our sites leave without taking any kind of action. This means they don't want to give their email, buy anything and they don't want to click a button.

At least that's what we thought

But now what we have discovered is, you can easily get them to take action with "out of the box thinking" or we like to call it "Light Box" thinking.

Our Lead Monster Technology is the most advanced "Light box Exit Technology" on the Internet today. The reason is because it was built by marketers for marketers.

You see we developed this tool for ourselves, to handle all the traffic that hit our sites. Without it, we discovered we're leaving over $15,000 on the table each and every month.

Now we are able to...

  • Build up our subscriber base
  • Redirect a non-interested viewer to another offer that interests them
  • Force the viewer to make micro commitments
  • Register participants to our webinar events
  • and we're even building a retargeting list at the same time
  • This is our real strategy, that is allowing us to get the conversions you are seeing above, and make the kind of money you see in that screen shot.

It's not rocket science, it's "Light box Exit Technology"

The Lead Monster System is the last solution you will ever need to stop your visitors from leaving your site.

Here's what conversion experts say about pop ups!

And so we wanted to have a solution to make life easy.


  • Simple intuitive design.
  • Works on any page (wordpress, HTML or any page building app).
  • Deploy in minutes.. in just few clicks.
  • Loaded with high converting templates
  • Beautiful animations integrated.
  • Show geo targeted Pop ups.
  • In-built split testing.
  • Analytics at its best.
  • Integrated retargeting pixels.
  • No coding knowledge required.
  • Facebook Integration
  • WordPress Plugin

99.5% our beta testers would recommend Lead Monster to their friends!

Here's what they say...
Pretty darn good. The choice of design options is much wider than I thought initially.
Jonathan Gunson
In my opinion, this is ONE OF THE BEST MARKETING TOOL on the market, right now. It gives no ending chances to create a list focused on every niche. Great job ! Thanks Karthik :)
Guido Raffaele Notte
This is an awesome tool and a great way to get leads...Love that you can customize it for any niche!
Jim Conyers

Even Though We Had Succeeded, We Had No Idea What We Had Just Built!
Until we did a full trial run our sites.

We Had Built The Ultimate Solution to create
pop ups and put your conversions on steroids!


  • More than 100 pre-designed templates that save time and money.
  • Drag-drop, click to edit all elements in all pops.
  • Embed videos, optins, 2-step optins and even count down timers on pops.
  • Loads of animation options to choose from
  • Responsive -Works on all devices.
  • Show pops with different content for visitors from different locations.
And there's even more...
Watch this short demo video...


Micro-Commitment Splashes
With these pages, the user is forced to make a decision. There are two buttons that allows them to make a simple micro-commitment before being redirected to your page.
Webinar Registrations
These lead capture pages are based on the highest converting designs in the online marketplace. Very easy to edit them, and you can very easily capture their name, email, or BOTH!
High Converting Video Splashes!
Video is still the KING! If you're not conveying your message or offer with video, then you are leaving money on the table. One of the ways we turn a visitor to a lead is done by showing them a video as they are leaving!
Optin Form
Attract the traffic that visits your website and convert them into leads. You can also have the
two-step optins, professional animations, geotags and much more
Niche Templates
Capture leads.. Not just that.. Segment them right from the pop-up with these templates. Your customers can choose their interests right when they optin and you can then reach out to them with Laser targeted content
Direct Linking Splashes!
These campaigns are setup so that you can offer a discount, special offer, or some other kind of incentive, that they can access when they click the button. It's perfect for visitors trying to close the page!
5 Different Traditional Popup Styles!
The TRADITIONAL DESIGN popup window is what you are used to seeing online. This style still works, and probably always will. However, you have yet to see it work so easy!
Even More Exit Popup Styles!
The CUSTOM DESIGNS you see pictured below are also included with Lead Monster. These popups were created to give the viewer a new experience they are not used to seeing.

Lead Monster works with all major auto responders!

Integrates With ALL Website and Ecommerce Platforms...

And the ability to integrate every autoresponder under the sun
- we mean it.. :)



Creating a campaign has been made hassle free. Just enter your campaign name, select a template and hit save... pop.. you've created a new campaign!


Editing a pop up has never been easier than this. Select the light box of your choice, just "click-to-edit" any text on the template. You can change the backgrounds, colors and even the buttons in the template! OH YES.. you can also add attention grabbing animations to any element on the pop up.


Save your campaign in a click. Publish your campaign and use the generated script to display the light box on any of your site.. be it WordPress, HTML or a site created using page builders!

Check out few animations here

Bounce From Left
Zoom In From Bottom
Rotate From Bottom Right
Roll In
Fade In From Top
Light Speed In
Rubber Band

Lead Monster Handles Every Situation!

This is the LAST Popup Solution you will ever need!
Rather than just building a tool that handles one or two scenarios,
Just check out some of these live examples...

OnClick Popup

Get more leads form your website with this classic lead capturing feature. Show pop ups when a user clicks a button on your page.

Exit Popup

Are your visitors leaving your page? No worries! Recover them and convert them into customers just before they leave by giving them a reason to stay!

Exit Intent Popup

Convert your visitors to customers even before they try to close the page. Show pop ups the moment they move their cursor out of web page.

Timed Popup

Pop ups work best when shown in the right way and at the right moment. Set time for your pops to get displayed.. say .. after 10 seconds. this works best when the visitor likes the content on your page.. and stays for a longer time on your site.

On Mouseover Popup

Show pop ups when your site's visitors hover on an element in your page and grab their attention in split seconds! How about showing some exiting discount offers with a countdown timer!

Scroll Popup

Scroll down.. pop up! Thats how this works. Set where you want to show the pops on your page.. and when the visitor scrolls down to a particular section.. boom! Your light box gets displayed!

Here are Some Of The Benefits And Features Of "Lead Monster"


Comes with an in-built WordPress plugin. Now you dont have to copy the generated script. You can choose the campaigns from WordPress and make it live!

Facebook Integration

Oh Yes! We know a lot of you are doing business using Facebook. We added this feature to boost your FB engagement!

Easy to use interface

Our first priority was to make LeadMonster..the easiest pop up creating application..ever! Its just drag-drop, click to edit.

Create pop ups in seconds

Setting up your pop ups can be done in minutes. we've ensured that this is hassle free!

Coding is Boring!

With lead monster.. you don't have to write a single line of code.. everything is made for you.. by us..Just edit.. with drag/drops and you are ready to go!


More and more people are using mobile phones for their online needs.. which means.. you have to grab your visitor's attention.. wherever they are.. and we have ensured that for you. All our templates are 100% mobile responsive. Go grab your visitors!

Video Pop ups!

Why stick to the classic pop ups with optin forms and buttons when you can use the power of multimedia! Spice it up by adding an engaging video to your the light box and see the results!

Everything in Cloud

No Installations, No plugins, no coding. You dont have to host LeadMonster anywhere! This is a cloud based application. just use it from anywhere you want.

Easy Monetization

Money is in the list! With attention grabbing lead capturing pop ups.. you're sure to grow your lists and inturn..increase your income stream. Never struggle to make a sale.

Geo Location

How about showing a light box for targeted for an American visitor.. and showing the same to a visitor from France! You might want them to be a little different .. right? We've got that too.. Just check out this AWESOME feature on the demo video!

30+ Animation styles

Animations are one of the best attention seekers. Animate your pop ups with more than 30 animations to choose from. Add animations to individual elements like headlines, buttons, text or even to a video in a light box .

Analytics at its best

Whats the use of all these pop ups if you dont get an idea of what's happening to your visitors.. We've made the number crunching easier for you! Just set your pop ups and get the stats from the analytics dashboard!

.. and if these were not enough.. here are some more features!

Countdown Timer

Integrate countdown timers on your pop ups.. and make your visitors take action in the moment.."Right Now!"

Split test

With integrated split testing .. you will get a clear idea on which popup work better. Customize your pops after the split tests.. and watch your conversions grow!

Youtube playlist

This was one of our latest updates to lead monster. You can automatically add the latest video in your youtube playlist to your templates.Take a video, upload it in you playlist.. and its right there.. waiting to to be embedded on your templates.

Templates Galore!

There are more than 100 templates that have been tested for success! Be it optin forms, 2step optins, video pop ups.. Everything is there for you in Lead monster.

Video tutorials

Got doubts? We've created step-by-step video tutorials for you to watch and sky-rocket your campaign conversions.

Support desk

Still not sure? We're here to help you. Our top-class support team will ensure you that your experience with lead monster is seamlessly easy! All the very best.

Don't just take our word for it...

Here are some testimonials from our
users.. and even more at the bottom of this page!

Here is a recap


  • No coding knowledge required.
  • Simple intuitive design.
  • Works on any page (wordpress, HTML or any page building app).
  • Deploy in minutes.. in just few clicks.
  • Loaded with beautiful templates.
  • Beautiful animations integrated.
  • Show geo targeted Pop ups.
  • Built in split testing.
  • Analytics at its best.
  • Integrated retargeting pixels.
Get LeadMonster now
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The Risk Is 100% On Us!
"Chad & Karthik's 100%
Money BacK Guarantee!"

You have a full 30 days to try out "Lead Monster". That means you can check out all 100 of the templates,deploy your popups and start builiding a list of leads all before your refund period expires!

If for any reason at all you are not satisfied with the amazing opportunity we have provided you,or you feel as though these tools are too easy to use, and aren't much of a challenge.Simply open a support ticket in button above and we will immediately refund your money,No Questions Asked!

To your success,
Karthik and Chad
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